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Entry #1

So I made a NG account. I'm only 8 years late to the party, whatever.

2014-05-20 07:14:33 by MrBigglesworthMusic

I'mma just go over generally what I do and what I'll be doing with this page...from the perspective of someone who is very drunk. Cool? Cool.


I write electronic music under a couple aliases, Tony and Mr. Bigglesworth. Basically Tony is for more melodic stuff and Mr. Bigglesworth is for the more 'dancable' stuff goes. So I'm gonna be primarliy putting up music in the hopes of reaching some new people with it here. I don't really limit myself to one particular genre, so I'd like to think I have something for everyone who likes electronic music (but I probably don't). 


Somewhere between 1 and 1/2 and 2 years. I have trouble keeping track to be frank. 


I'm in Brisbane, Australia. Dinky di, fair dinkum etc etc fair shake of the sauce bottle, facken whack the ankelboiters if they schreech atchya. But yeah, Brisbane is pretty nice, but I originally come from a town nearby called Toowoomba. I really like that Brisbane has so much more to do, but seriously, fuck the weather in this town. Winter is not winter if it's too hot to wear a jacket :c 

'owoldareye? himme oop an we'l fook if ur legol 

17. Get your hands off my butt. 

Whaddayyoos ta make theos *hic* bleepy bloopy shit songs ya go an maaake? 

I use a combination of FL Studio 11 and Ableton Live 9 for my sequencing (leaning more to the ableton corner though), NI Massive, Razor and Cakewalk Z3ta+2 for the majority of my synthesis (the rest is off the back of freeware), and for things like drums, vocal samples etc I've gathered about 50,000 samples for that, so I'm not exactly gonna list of every pack I own...but I'd recommend looking into stuff from, bedroomproducers, musicradar and of course breakbeats from old records and samples from drum machines like 808's, 909's and the Alesis SR-16 for those 80s beats. 

hken i hav sum of yur musiec i wana daaaaaaaance! 


*passes out* 

goodnight mr. drunk man 


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2014-07-07 08:06:31

I f**kin LOVE the style of this self interview. This is brilliant.

MrBigglesworthMusic responds:

I do my best